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About Us

Evita Living is a brand born out of a passion for nurturing values and transforming spaces into healthier and happier communities. Drawing inspiration from the first woman in the Bible, Eve, and the Haaya word for "life" and Vita meaning "to breathe" and "to live, we strive to imbue our products with the same life-giving qualities.

Our in-house team of Consumer Electronics Specialists are dedicated to developing innovative and user-friendly products that improve daily life. We take pride in the high-quality and user-friendly nature of our Evita products, designed to elevate the standard of living for our customers.

But we are more than just an appliance company. At Evita Living, our goal is to transform day-to-day living into a safe, happy, and positive experience. We believe that everyone deserves access to clean air, water, and products that make daily life easier. That's why we go beyond just functionality and provide products that demonstrate our care for you, your family, friends, and those who matter.

Our commitment to community support and protection is at the heart of everything we do, and we invite you to experience the Evita way of life. Let us transform your space into a place of inspiration and innovation, where you can breathe life into your world.