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Breathe Easy with Evita A6 Aeram Air Purifier - Your Asthma Guardian!

Living with asthma comes with daily challenges, and the quality of indoor air is crucial for your well-being. Meet the Evita A6 Aeram Air Purifier, designed to be your steadfast protector, ensuring clean, asthma-friendly air in various scenarios you face every day.

Morning Freshness - Start Your Day Right:

Imagine waking up to a new day, taking that first deep breath of clean air. Evita A6 ensures your mornings are invigorating by purifying the air while you prepare for the day. The 360° large-area air inlet captures morning allergens, and the advanced filtration system, including HEPA and activated carbon, guarantees a fresh and energizing start.

Office Oasis - Breathing Easy at Work:

At the office, clean air is essential for productivity and your health. Evita A6, with its intelligent air quality display and ambient light indication, ensures that you have a clean breathing environment. The low noise purification and efficient DC motor keep the air fresh and quiet, letting you focus on work without the worry of asthma triggers.

Pet-Friendly Haven - Relief for Asthmatic Pet Owners:

For pet owners managing asthma, controlling pet dander is vital. Evita A6 becomes your ally, capturing pet dander through its advanced filtration system, including HEPA and formaldehyde removal. The UVC LED UV sterilization lamp ensures harmful bacteria and viruses, often carried by pets, are eliminated without generating any ozone, providing a safe haven for both you and your furry friend.

Trust the Evita A6 Aeram Air Purifier to create a haven of clean, asthma-friendly air in your home, addressing the unique challenges you face each day. Prioritize your respiratory health and embrace cleaner, purer air for a life unburdened by asthma triggers.

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