Evita A6 Aerem White Air Purifier

$499.00 $299.00

Create healthier and cleaner air throughout
your home, office, and recreational spaces
All-Round 360° Large-Area Air Inlet
HEPA + Formaldehyde Removal Framework + Modified Activated
Carbon Three-In-One Annular Filter Screen
UVC LED UV Sterilization Lamp, Zero Ozone Generation
Intelligent Air Quality PM2.5 AQI Display and Ambient Light Indication
DC Motor, Low Power Consumption + High-Efficiency Conversion
Low Noise Purification
Service Life Reminder of Filter Element
Minimalist and Chic Design
High-End Quality Environmental Protection Material, Safe and Health

Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) H13 HEPA FILTER SCREEM
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) Air Quality Atmosphere Indicator
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) Intelligent Monitoring Accurate Display (Optional App Control)
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) UVC-LED UV Sterilization Zero Ozone Generation (optional)
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) 360 Annular Threein-one Composite Filter Screen Cleaner Purification
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) KILLS 99.9% OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)
Aerem Air Sterilizer (A6) DC Motor High-energy Efficiency Low-carbon & Envirronmental Protection